We work with companies to increase their shareholder bases through well researched and targeted marketing to institutional investors, private client brokers, private asset managers and private banks both in the UK and Europe.

We specialise in tailoring your road show to meet all your objectives.

We shall review your presentation to ensure the message
is appropriate for the target audience;

Based on our initial research, we will draw up the target list
of investors;

Meetings will typically be a combination of one-on-one
and small group sessions;

We shall issue invitations, provide details of who will be at each meeting, organise logistics and make all other arrangements;

We shall attend all meetings and provide a list of attendees
and their contact details;

We shall provide comprehensive, independent feedback to management in the form of a written document immediately following the road show.

Bespoke road
shows tailored to
your requirements through our network
of contacts in Europe and North America